BIEN – Basic Income Earth Network – NEWSFLASH 61, May 2010

The Basic Income Earth Network was founded in 1986 as the Basic Income European Network. It expanded its scope from Europe to the Earth in 2004. It serves as a link between individuals and groups committed to or interested in basic income, and fosters informed discussion on this topic throughout the world.
The present NewsFlash has been prepared with the help of Paul Nollen, Simon Birnbaum, David Casassas, Gwang-eun Choi, Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, Jennifer Lee, Jim Mulvale, Ian Orton, Dorothee Schulte-Basta, Liesbeth Van Criekingen, Ingrid van Niekerk, Philippe Van Parijs, Karl Widerquist, and Thérèse Davio.

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Editorial: A Slate of Nominations for BIEN Executive Committee

1. Events

Montreal, Sao paolo, Atlanta

2. Glimpses of national debates

* BELGIUM: Senator suggests implementation of basic income in Haïti.
* GERMANY: Petition on Basic Income at the Official “Petitions Committee”
* GERMANY: Green parliamentary group discusses basic income pilot project 
* SOUTH KOREA: Basic Income Coalition has been launched

3. Publications

Vereniging Basisinkomen (2010), Nieuwsbrief Basisinkomen, Issue 53, …

Citizen’s Income Trust (2010), Citizen's Income Newsletter
COLOMBINO, Ugo, LOCATELLI, Marilena, NARAZANI, Edlira, O'DONOGHUE, Cathal (2010), ‘Alternative Basic Income Mechanisms’…
FORD, Martin (2010), The lights in the tunnel…
Social Justice Ireland (2010), An Agenda for a New Ireland

PATRY, Eric (2010), Das bedingungslose Grundeinkommen in der Schweiz…

TATEIWA Shin'ya & SAITO Taku (2010), Basic Income: Possibility of the Minimal State that Distributes, …
The Advanced Institute for Law and Politics (2010), J-Mail Newsletter 32

4. New Links

5. About the Basic Income Earth Network


NewsFlash 61 (May 2010) is available in PDF version at

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