BIEN – Basic Income Earth Network – NEWSFLASH 62, September 2010

The Basic Income Earth Network was founded in 1986 as the Basic Income European Network. It expanded its scope from Europe to the Earth in 2004. It serves as a link between individuals and groups committed to or interested in basic income, and fosters informed discussion on this topic throughout the world.
The present NewsFlash has been prepared with the help of Paul Nollen, Simon Birnbaum, David Casassas, Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, Bleri Lleshi, Jim Mulvale, Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy, Hamid Tabatabai, Philippe Van Parijs, Karl Widerquist, and Thérèse Davio.

NewsFlash 62 (September 2010) is available in PDF version 
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1. BIEN 2010 Congress: A subjective account by Philippe Van Parijs

2. Events 

Sao paolo, Dublin, New York

3. Glimpses of national debates

CANADA: Top prize for basic income paper
IRAN: On the verge of introducing the world’s first national basic income
IRELAND:  A new political party supports basic income
NAMIBIA: Labour union’s withdrawal from BIG Coalition sparks outpouring of defense for basic income
MEXICO: Proposal for Federal District Constitution Calls for a Basic Income

4. Publications

Citizen’s Income Trust (2010), Citizen's Income Newsletter
The Economist (2010), ‘How to get children out of jobs and into school…'
HANLON, Joseph, & al. (2010), Just Give Money to the Poor,…
HEALY, Sean & REYNOLDS, Brigid (eds.) (2010), Building a Fairer Tax System!…
JENKINS, Hamish (2010), Decent Work and Fair Globalization…
WRIGHT, Erik Olin (2010), Envisioning Real Utopias
NEVANLINNA, Tuomas (2010), ‘Työn takana’,…

SAITO, Taku (2010), ‘Basic Income and Abundant Societies…’

5. New Links

6. About the Basic Income Earth Network


NewsFlash 62 (September 2010) is available in PDF version 
or visit

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