BIEN – Basic Income Earth Network – NEWSFLASH 63, November 2010

The Basic Income Earth Network was founded in 1986 as the Basic Income European Network. It expanded its scope from Europe to the Earth in 2004. It serves as a link between individuals and groups committed to or interested in basic income, and fosters informed discussion on this topic throughout the world.

The present NewsFlash has been prepared with the help of Paul Nollen, Simon Birnbaum, Jurgen De Wispelaere, David Casassas, Claudia & Dirk Haarmann, Dirk Jacobi, Jim Mulvale, Dorothee Schulte-Basta, Nenad Stojanovic, Eduardo Matarazzo Suplicy, Reanna Sutton, Hamid Tabatabai, Philippe Van Parijs, Karl Widerquist, Toru Yamamori, Almaz Zelleke, and Thérèse Davio.

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1. Editorial: BIEN archives

2. Basic Income Studies: New issues

3. Events
Kyoto, Calgary, Liege, Berlin, Gijon, Brussels, Mexico, Kyoto, New York, Anchorage

4. Glimpses of national debates

  • BRAZIL: ReCivitas marks two years of its basic income pilot project
  • CANADA: Yukon government urged to implement a basic income
  • CANADA: Poverty Free Saskatchewan
  • EUROPEAN UNION: Wider support for a minimum income guarantee
  • GERMANY: Network promotes EU-Wide referendum on Basic Income
  • GERMANY: Green Party leader proposes Basic Income
  • GERMANY: Commission to study citizen’s income
  • INDIA: Ruling government considers a right to food
  • IRAN: Economic reforms usher in a de facto basic income
  • NAMIBIA: National Union of Namibian Workers Rejoins BIG Coalition
  • SWITZERLAND: Basic income on the agenda of big political party and trade-union
  • UNITED STATES: 2010 Permanent Fund Dividend has been paid to all residents
  • SOUTH AFRICA: Unions renew commitment to BIG

5. Publications

BARNES, Peter & McKIBBEN, Bill (2009), ‘A Simple Market Mechanism to Clean Up Our Economy’…
CITIZEN’S INCOME TRUST (2010), The Citizen’s Income Newsletter,…
FITZROY, Felix & NOLAN, Michael (2010), ‘Relative Income, Redistribution and Well-being’,…
FITZROY, Felix & JIN, Jim (2010), ‘Efficient Redistribution: Comparing Basic Income with Unemployment Benefits’,…
HOFFMAN, Michael (2010), ‘Utopia means free money for everyone’,…
LO VUOLO, Rubén, RAVENTÓS, Daniel & YANES, Pablo (2010), ‘The War Against Social and Working Rights…’
REYNOLDS, Brigid, HEALY, Sean, COLLINS, Micheal (eds.) (2010), The Future of the Welfare State
ROSE, Dave as told to WOHLFORTH, Charles (2008), Saving for the Future: My Life and the Alaska Permanent Fund,…
YAMAMORI Toru (2010), ‘Neoliberals And The Radical Left Are In The Same Basic Income Boat’…

ARNSPERGER, Christian (2010), ‘Revenu d’existence et promotion de la sociodiversité’,…
PEREIRA, Richard (2009), La sécurité économique au XXIe siècle – Revenu annuel garanti/ allocation universelle
BIEN-Suisse (ed.) (2010), Le financement d’un revenu de base inconditionnel,…

BIEN-Schweiz (ed.) (2010), Die Finanzierung eines bedingungslosen Grundeinkommens,…

CASASSAS, David (2010), ‘Renta básica, acceso al trabajo y emancipación social’…
LO VUOLO, Rubén, RAVENTÓS, Daniel & YANES, Pablo (2010), ‘El Ingreso Ciudadano-Renta Básica ante la crisis económica…

BIRNBAUM, Simon (2010), ‘Two conceptions of equality: On justice, self-respect and welfare policy’…

6. New Links

7. About the Basic Income Earth Network


NewsFlash 63 (November 2010) is available in PDF version at

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